Education and Eternity

At Sterling Campus, we believe that education is about equipping Christians to work alongside Christ as He makes all things new. Our aim is to help believers get excited about the Grand Story of what God is doing, and thus begin to see how central He is to our learning and our work. Key to our beliefs about education:


  • Education (formal or informal) is fundamentally about God teaching His truth to mankind. It is the process by which we learn to think God’s thoughts after Him and to see things as He sees them. Our learning must thus be framed by the basic truth that God is the Creator and Sustainer of all things, and that He is the Source of all truth.

  • Education should bring us into conformity with His will and prepare us to serve in His Kingdom under the Lordship of Christ. We must not only come to know God’s truth but learn how to use it.

  • Learning is both spiritual and eternal, and physical and temporal. It should encompass spiritual and moral growth, academic growth, and personal and social development. After all, when Christ came to make new, that reality began when He conquered death.

  • The home is the first and most important setting in which education takes place, and the Church and school are only to provide guidance and support to parents in this endeavour, not replace them.