Seminar: Putting the "Why" Back in Education

30- to 40-hour weeks in primary and secondary school...

40- to 50-hour weeks in university...

Tens of thousands  of hours spent in the classroom and at school-related activities.

Why do we take our next generation through this?

"To secure a better future"

"For survival"

"To help them succeed" 

Can that be all?


If you're a parent, an educator, or involved in mentoring the next generation, join us as we revisit God's "KPIs" for the greatest investment of time made by our next generation!


Questions we'll unpack:

  • What is the true purpose of education?

  • What are the educational philosophies we have unknowingly adopted (as Christian parents, teachers, and mentors)?

  • What needs to change? (And where do we begin?)


Date: 7 September 2018

Time: 9:30 - 11:30 am

Venue: St. Andrew's Cathedral, Classroom C

Cost: S$5.00 (incl. GST)


Jillian Lee

Jillian has taught General Paper in a local Junior College, and English and educational philosophy in China, where she was also involved in teacher's training and mentoring.

Having seen the aimlessness of many young people, she feels passionately about guiding them to see their studies as a way of loving the Lord with their minds, and to live out their God-given desires in the areas He has called them to. She also enjoys helping parents and teachers be more effective ‘disciplers’ of the next generation, believing them to be key in helping the next generation see the connection between their faith and all of life. Her greatest desire is to see Christians grasp how the application of Christ's teachings can bring shalom to all corners of God’s kingdom.

Apart from serving as Programme Director and Principal at Sterling Campus, her other joys include her husband, Edmund, the visual and performing arts, and cooking for family and friends.