Seminars & Workshops

These foundational seminars lay out the “why” of all that we do, and are typically the starting point for other classes or seminars. 

The seminars can be customized to suit the church’s needs – they can be conducted as a series or as stand-alone topics as part of a youth/ young adult church service, the teaching portion of camps, as part of the church’s Christian Education or Discipleship classes, or even for a small group gathering.

God’s Grand Story, Our Christian Worldview

This foundational seminar series takes participants through the broad sweep of God’s Story – creation, fall, covenant, Christ and consummation – and highlights its significance for our lives and calling today. A must-have for young people questioning the meaning of their existence and seeking greater meaning in their lives. Can be conducted as a short introductory session or over a 2-4 sessions for greater depth. 

Introduction to Worldviews in Singapore

This seminar approaches the topic of worldview by tackling the “hidden” worldviews that affect us on a cultural level. It aims to help Christians evaluate their own worldview in light of God’s word and the Biblical meta-narrative. Participants are led to see how the Christian worldview is able to make sense of all of life and give them a greater sense of purpose in all they do as they find their place in God’s grand story.


Dualism and Its Effects on Church and Society

This seminar focuses on the worldview of dualism and how it has subtly crippled the church in its effectiveness in personal and societal transformation. It lays the Biblical foundation for why integration of faith and life is important and envisions Christians to see their role as co- creators and co-labourers with God in His kingdom.


Work and The Kingdom of God

This seminar caters to those transitioning into the marketplace or those who have already been working for years. By spotlighting various vocations, participants are led to see how the very work that they do is a way of loving God and neighbour and participating in God’s kingdom purposes.

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