Short Courses

These modular courses tackle the issues of life any citizen would encounter and seeks to equip the layman to better align his thinking with the Word of God.​​


Faith and Science

  • Young earth? Old earth? Does it matter?

  • Is evolution anti-Christian?

  • What are the limitations of science?

  • How do the sciences help us to flourish?


The Arts

  • Art and Theology (2 parts)

  • Role of the arts in media, communications, and design

  • Beauty – in the eye of the beholder?


Gender and Sexuality

  • Singlehood and the church

  • How far should women’s rights go?

  • Let’s talk about sex, babies!

  • Thinking Christianly about LGBT issues


Engaging With A Secular State

  • Redeeming our education

  • Biblical view of government

  • Inequality, meritocracy and the role of the church

  • The role of Christian enterprise

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