RSG is a series developed especially for young adults with a few “gap” months as they wait for University, NS or a job. It seeks to help followers of Christ REconnect all things to their SOURCE, thereby helping them to better understand how Christ is truly Lord over all. 


While the series is broken up into 3 courses, we highly encourage participants to attend the entire series as it will give you a broader perspective of how faith informs our lives, and also a much larger view of God. Invest just 10 weeks (30 classes) – a short amount of time compared to seeing God’s kingdom from an eternal perspective!

Participants are expected to read selected articles prior to each class. Facilitated discussions on the readings form the core methodology of this series, and class size is deliberately kept small. This allows participants to ask questions, wrestle with the answers and enjoy the benefits of thinking and learning in community.  

Course Descriptions & Details

RSG-01: Developing a Biblical Worldview
1. Biblical worldview as story.
2. What is truth and why does it matter so much?
3. Can we use reason to prove the existence of God?
4. How do we respond to the problem of pain and suffering?
5. Can faith be considered a form of knowledge? (epistemology)
6. What is reality really like? (metaphysics)
7. Is there such thing as absolute truth in a relativistic world? (ethics)
8. Are we headed towards future destruction or utopia? (teleology)
9. Who am I? (anthropology)


RSG-02: Discovering God in the Sciences and Arts
1. How does studying Math deepen my worship of God?
2. What place does my faith have in a scientific world?
3. How old is the earth, and does it really matter?
4. The origins of life: creation or spontaneous generation?
5. How does neuroscience weigh in on the free will vs determinism debate?
6. Abortion, euthanasia, etc… how do we respond to bioethical dilemmas?
7. “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder?” Or are there objective standards of beauty?  
8. What is the role of arts and design in the kingdom of God?
9. God in film (a case study)

RSG-03: Glorifying God in Society and Nation

1. What does it mean to shape culture?
2. Is faith a social construct?
3. Are gender roles obsolete in this day and age?
4.  How do we make sense of rights, liberty and freedom?
5. What is the role of the church in today’s society?

6. What is the role of the government and our role as citizens?
7. How should Christians engage with a secular/pluralistic state?
8. How do we think Biblically about law?
9. Does capitalism pass the moral test? Is socialism the Christian way?
10. What is justice?
11. How do we think Christianly about our education, ranking and meritocracy?
12. Why work? Does our earthly work have eternal value?