​Every session at Re-Source was eye opening. The amount of time spent actually teaching content was limited as we were expected to do our readings beforehand. This gave us room to discuss openly and comprehensively. I had unknowingly not involved Jesus in many aspects of my life - from the job I want, to the food I eat, to environmental causes that I support, to how I should vote. This short one month has definitely ignited something new. Pursuing God in every single area of life passionately and fervently makes life richer, and so much more meaningful.

Joel Ang

Re-Source: MARKETPLACE Participant

The readings and discussions demanded that I think through my dismissive, apathetic, and fear-of-the-complex attitude towards issues on politics, economics, and education. I am thankful for the opportunities provided in this course to think about what I think about, to carry out actions that reflect what I think about, and to influence what people think about things and what they think about Christ!

Merilyn Tang

Re-Source: GAP Participant

Sterling Campus’s sessions equipped us with practical theology that would translate into everyday life. Through the sharing and guided discussions over selected readings, we explored topics that offered a broad survey of important issues that contemporary Christians face. It was certainly beneficial that we were taught the basic Christian framework that should under-gird our lifestyles in these areas. 


The brief introduction to each topic was informative, and allowed us to understand what the key issues were, and why they matter. We were also exposed to a broad selection of readings that gave comprehensive coverage over the different topics.


All in all, the sessions prompted us to seriously reflect on our own Christian lives, and begun the process of equipping us to actively engage our pre-believing friends in our respective marketplaces.

Joel Ong

Camp Participant

The sessions conducted by Sterling Campus were engaging and insightful, as we were challenged to love God with all our minds. The facilitators were also enthusiastic and lively, making the room buzz with excitement. I particularly enjoyed the first session where we explored how we could relate what we learnt in school to God, and hearing my peers from different disciplines share their insights opened my eyes to see how God is truly the creator of all knowledge. Overall, it was a refreshing to see work from a different perspective and to have a deeper appreciation for the privilege of education.

Gracia Leong

Camp Participant

Instead of truth and kingdom principles permeating every sphere of society, lies, fake news and liberal views are shaping the culture and values of our nation. To turn the tide, there is a pressing need for all who call themselves Christians to develop a Biblical worldview that  addresses every arena of life. Sterling Campus is an invaluable resource for churches in this endeavour.

Jason Wong

Board Chairman, Focus on the Family (Singapore)

I have had the privilege of sending six of my young people to Sterling Campus. They thoroughly enjoyed the critical discussions that have helped them make life-giving connections between their faith and their studies, as well as the godly fellowship with their instructor and fellow students. They shared that they have gained a much-needed Christian biblical view of the liberal arts, and are now much more prepared for university, from a faith perspective. For this, I am grateful to God and Sterling Campus.

Julian Chin

Youth and Young Adults Pastor, St. John’s-St. Margaret’s Church

The interactive nature of the Sterling Campus sessions brought a refreshing change to our notion of what camp teaching and bonding looks like. Teaching, and learning, took place primarily among group members, instead of the typical learning from only one camp speaker mode. And bonding took place in the learning together. Sterling Campus has made our camp a truly enriching and enjoyable time by facilitating this fun, yet serious environment of learning.

Peter Tan

Youth Pastor, Church of Our Saviour

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