Archdeacon Wong Tak Meng

Anglican Diocese Singapore

It is so important that Christians develop a Biblical worldview based on the foundational truth that “The earth is the LORD’s and the fullness thereof, the world and those who dwell therein...” (Ps. 24:1 ESV). This means the ability to think Biblically, critically and purposefully about all of life, including practical things like education, economics, engineering, ecology and even health science. I heartily commend Sterling Campus for equipping the saints, young and old, to live for the welfare of the community and for the glory of God. 

Rev Raymond Fong

Pastor-in-charge, Faith Methodist Church

​I wish to commend Sterling Campus for an excellent time of learning through these insightful, engaging and thought-provoking sessions. Dualism, Pragmatism, Fatalism, Post-modernism may be big words but they in fact impact the way we live and order our world. I deeply appreciate understanding these worldviews, not just from a conceptual point of view, but from the perspective of God's grand story and narrative for our lives. Once again, thank you, Sterling Campus, and do keep up the excellent ministry of transformation through the renewing of minds (Rom 12:2) so we may truly live our lives for the glory and delight of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Rev Nathanael Goh

Pastor, Sengkang Methodist Church

Jillian and the Sterling Campus team's unique contribution to the Kingdom of God is in partnering churches to help Christians everywhere, in the words of C.S. Lewis, go "further up and further in" to the wider world of creation beyond the walls of the church. Through her masterful 10-week course Finding Your Place, young people in our churches have been inspired to consider their future in the sense of fulfilling a Divinely-mandated vocation - Christian lawyers, accountants, entrepreneurs, engineers, teachers, social workers, counsellors... the list is as endless and vast as the creative and boundless grace of the Holy Spirit. And, beyond work, Jillian has challenged us to consider how all of life - including but not excluded to church life - is a site for Christian witness and moral action. From the arts, to education, to politics and the common good - if Christ is Lord of all, he must be all, in all.

Mdm Kew Mee Ying

(Former) Principal, St. Hilda’s Primary School

The two hour workshop conducted by Sterling Campus for our Christian colleagues gave a clearer perspective of the Christian worldview and how as an educator one could communicate in a more intentional way to our students.  A very meaningful and engaging learning opportunity for Christian educators!

Joel Ang

Re-Source: MARKETPLACE Participant

​Every session at Re-Source was eye opening. The amount of time spent actually teaching content was limited as we were expected to do our readings beforehand. This gave us room to discuss openly and comprehensively. I had unknowingly not involved Jesus in many aspects of my life - from the job I want, to the food I eat, to environmental causes that I support, to how I should vote. This short one month has definitely ignited something new. Pursuing God in every single area of life passionately and fervently makes life richer, and so much more meaningful.

Merilyn Tang

Re-Source: GAP Participant

The readings and discussions demanded that I think through my dismissive, apathetic, and fear-of-the-complex attitude towards issues on politics, economics, and education. I am thankful for the opportunities provided in this course to think about what I think about, to carry out actions that reflect what I think about, and to influence what people think about things and what they think about Christ!

Gracia Leong

Camp Participant

The sessions conducted by Sterling Campus were engaging and insightful, as we were challenged to love God with all our minds. The facilitators were also enthusiastic and lively, making the room buzz with excitement. I particularly enjoyed the first session where we explored how we could relate what we learnt in school to God, and hearing my peers from different disciplines share their insights opened my eyes to see how God is truly the creator of all knowledge. Overall, it was a refreshing to see work from a different perspective and to have a deeper appreciation for the privilege of education.

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